Let’s end up the poverty


We are Non-Profit Organization (think tank) based in South Africa.

Health, Education, Agriculture, Development and Sports (HEADS) Foundation is a Non – Profitable Organization (NPO) based in South Africa think tank devoted to research and policy influence in the fields of Health, Education, Agriculture and Sport. The Foundation studies the role each plays in societal progress – in particular, with respect to development in South Africa and Africa at large.

We commit our self to helping families in the poor communities improve their lives and achieve lasting victories over poverty. Founded in to provide relief for the marginalized and the underprivileged communities. We see Heads foundation to quickly becoming a trusted vehicle for the compassion and generosity of million.

About Us

Heads foundation is established as an international charitable foundation in 2014, HEADs’foundation aims to advance the study and understanding of the links between these fields and the development of human capital and social capital, along with their implications for governments, businesses and civic society in the region.

The Foundation acts as both a think tank and active implementer of ideas in practice for the region. We envision becoming one of the world’s largest international humanitarian organizations, committed to helping families in poor communities improve their lives and achieve lasting victories over poverty.

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Heads foundation is a growing foundation to combat poverty expand opportunity for all people in South Africa and Africa at large. Heads foundation focus in Africa issue that demands immediate action and achievable result in the field of Health/Hiv and Aids, Education, Agriculture, Community development and Sport, giving scholars to underprivileged within our resources.

HEADS’s Aid enables the African’s poorest people to gain access to food security, drinking water, health, education, micro credit program, and provides a small grants to local communities to contribute to the sustainable humanitarian development programs in local communities.

HEADS’s also campaign locally and internationally to raise public awareness on global issues, and resources mobilization to implement its mandate, and to mobilize people and build alliances with diverse partners, private sector, NGOs, CBOs, international organizations, linking grassroots, national and global struggles change policy, in order to contribute and promote the development of our country and continent.

HEADS foundation will be a global force within a worldwide movement dedicated to ending poverty.”



Path out of poverty

We believes that there are five essential asset areas – basic necessities; good health, education and training, food security, community involvement and sport – that are vital for individual and family success on the path out of poverty. 


Health and HIV/AIDS Programmes

Our  HIV/AIDS initiative is helping to improve on the HIV/AIDS pandemic and other diseases by working with public, private institutions and other NGO`s around the world to increase the awareness campaign on the preventive measures on HIV/AIDS and other diseases.


Education and Training

We aim to eradicate illiteracy, provide and develop training facilities in the rural communities for the poor and the vulnerable, build academic and training facilities, embark on massive reading and writing campaign for African children, give scholarships within our resources.


Sport and Recreation

One of the main initiatives of HEADS is sport and recreation. We want to use sport in a variety of ways to help achieve positive change in the lives of poor and disadvantaged children and youth in rural areas and townships.