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let’s all unite to create a better world TOGETHER!

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Heads foundation is a growing foundation to combat poverty expand opportunity for all people in South Africa and Africa at large. Heads foundation focus in Africa issue that demands immediate action and achievable result in the field of Health/Hiv and Aids, Education, Agriculture, Community development and Sport, giving scholars to underprivileged within our resources.

HEADS’s Aid enables the African’s poorest people to gain access to food security, drinking water, health, education, micro credit program, and provides a small grants to local communities to contribute to the sustainable humanitarian development programs in local communities.

HEADS’s also campaign locally and internationally to raise public awareness on global issues, and resources mobilization to implement its mandate, and to mobilize people and build alliances with diverse partners, private sector, NGOs, CBOs, international organizations, linking grassroots, national and global struggles change policy, in order to contribute and promote the development of our country and continent.

Let’s all unite to create a better world without compromising the next generation.

Create a new world

of HEADS Foundation

To visibly improve the lives
of the marginalized

Is of a world where everyone has access to food security, health, hiv/aids treatments, education, health living and financially stable through sport, and promote the right of every woman and man and child to enjoy a life of health and equal opportunity and to improve the lives of the marginalized .We seek a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and people live in dignity and security.

HEADS foundation will be a global force and a partner of choice within a worldwide movement dedicated to ending poverty. We will be known everywhere for our undying commitment for the dignity of people. We are committed to addressing the vital need for health HIV/AIDS, education, agriculture, community development and sports.

We aim to increase our impact both directly on the ground through our partner’s organizations, and indirectly by influencing others and promoting best practice in the field in our continent. 

We Imagine The World

Heads foundation vision is of a world that is human-centered and genuinely democratic, where all human beings are full participants and determine their own destinies. In our vision we are one human family, in all our diversity, living on one common homeland and sharing a just, sustainable and peaceful world, guided by universal principles of democracy, equality, inclusion, voluntarism, non-discrimination and participation of all people, men and women, young and old, regardless of race, faith, disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity or nationality.

It is a world where peace and human security, as envisioned in the principles of the United Nations Charter, replace armaments, violent conflicts and wars. It is a world where everyone lives in a clean environment with a fair distribution of earth’s resources. Our vision includes a special role for the dynamism of young people and the experience of the elderly and reaffirms the universality, indivisibility and interdependence of all human rights – civil, political, economic, social and cultural.

of HEADS Foundation


HEADS’s mission is to combat poverty and expand opportunity for all people in the South Africa and Africa Continent at large. We envision a day when all people in our country and continent will have the opportunity to achieve economic security and pursue their aspirations.

We also intend to overcome poverty by enabling the world’s poorest people to gain the hope for better future and improve their quality of  life through the access to food security, sport, health, education, poverty,

HIV-AIDS programs, micro credit, using local skills and practical, sustainable technologies to support development and  humanitarian projects on relief and rehabilitations programs, to secure the empowerment of indigenous peoples, local communities, women, groups and individuals in developing countries.

Providing an Environment

The HEAD Foundation lays claim to impressive research and publications in its fields of study, backed by leading scholars who have lent their name to the organization.

We provide a collaborative and inclusive environment for a multidisciplinary approach to scholarship and debate; study and support the adaptation of certain models and practices; and promote public awareness of the issues in our fields of interest. To achieve this, the Foundation conducts workshops, seminars and public lectures; sponsors research projects, an academic journal, a book series, along with a series of working papers, research papers and policy documents. 

Visionary Education 

As well as fostering academic, workshops and policy debate, The HEADS Foundation fields a team of experienced and dedicated education experts who strive to support the effective implementation of the kind of visionary education that South Africa and Africa continent requires for the 21st century.

This team builds on the work of the think-tank in promoting innovation in education, Health and sexual transmitted disease, sport and agriculture.

The Foundation supports innovation in its fields of study through sponsorship of select programs and projects, and through advisory services.


Heads foundation establish and make operational corporate Information and Communication Strategy targeting people and organizations that are in the right position to influence decisions and opinions fundamental to the realization of HEADS objectives. 

Develop and implement a two tier program wherein youth are given capacity to (1). Participate in tangible activities and life-skills while simultaneously being made aware of the realities of HIV/AIDS, and (2). To be given the opportunity to enter counselling and support groups if necessary.