Path out of poverty


HEADS  believes that there are five essential asset areas—basic necessities; good health, education and training, food security, community involvement and sport—that are vital for individual and family success on the path out of poverty. 

By working one-on-one with, heads foundation volunteers to find lasting solution to health problem, fight  hiv/aids, steady supply of food from our farms,education and training and maintain good and financial stability through sport activities.

Heads’s clients are able to holistically address their immediate and long-term needs while making concrete steps towards realizing their greater dreams and aspirations. 

In the process of working toward their goals, Health foundation clients develop an important internal “toolkit” for progress and resiliency that enables them to move forward independently and bounce back from challenges and setbacks.  

With the support of heads foundation volunteers, clients strengthen their goal-setting abilities, problem-solving skills, knowledge of key community resources, self-confidence, and ability to advocate for themselves and their families.