Sport and Recreation


One of the main initiatives of HEADS is sport and recreation. We want to use sport in a variety of ways to help achieve positive change in the lives of poor and disadvantaged children and youth in rural areas and townships.

Knowing the great amount of learning and development required in this sector, we believe that we will add value as an experienced and knowledgeable grant maker by working with a range of sport-for-development and development partners, bridging the gap between the two sectors, investing in learning and ultimately increasing the quality and effectiveness of sport-base development programmes.

Our main goal is to enable HEADS to use sport effectively as a tool for bringing about a lasting positive change in the lives of children and youths. In our world today participating in sport is defined as a human right and it is increasingly use as tool in programmes addressing issue such as HIV/AIDS, women and girls empowerment and conflict resolution.

Sport is one of our central priority and the mechanism to ours goals. We also intend to work together with other organisations to achieve our desired development outcomes. We anticipate that the lives of children and young people will be transformed through the following outcomes:

  • Children and young people have increase self-efficacy, resulting in the desire, willingness and ability to make the best personal life choices, take advantage of education and other opportunities and participate in decision making that effect lives.
  • Children and young people’s uptake of services (particularly health and education services) is increased and results in improved health and educational attained.
  • Marginalised groups experience a measurable reduction in stigma and discrimination resulting in the increased understanding and their inclusion into family and community life.
  • Children and young people employ and experience less violent behavior leading to safer environments for themselves, their families and their communities
  • To demonstrate lasting positive changes in the lives of the vulnerable children and youth using sport